Minister for Culture meets painter Ghuty Mamae

On 28th March, the Minister for Culture and Craft Promotion, Rufino Ndong Esono, received the painter Ghuty Mamae.

The painter was called by the Minister for Culture in order to boost the activities of the ministerial department.

The training of the new generation to create a national museum; the renovation of the galleries in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea National Park, and the one in the Casa Verde, among other cultural centres, occupied a large part of the meeting.

The painter declared that he had worked with the ministry for a long time, since 2004, and with it had prepared various exhibitions, such as the contemporary art show at the Ngolo Palace, in Bata. Furthermore, he stated his hope to work together for Equatoguinean culture.

For his part, the minister demonstrated his satisfaction regarding the words of the artist, and for being able to count on him for future projects.

Mamae was born in Annobon in 1941, and is a painter who is renowned as one of the greats of contemporary painting.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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