Minister for Culture meets Prime Minister of SAPound o Tome

The delegation from the Ministry for Culture Tourism and Craft Promotion is continuing with the work being carried out this week in the Republic of SAPound o Tome led by the Minister Rufino Ndong Esono.

The delegation held on 3rd October a meeting with the Prime Minister of the SAPound o Tome Government Jorge Lopes Bom Jesus who exchanged impressions with the minister with respect to the potential of bilateral relations with the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and the large areas of cooperation with respect to culture and tourism together with some aspects of transport.

Following the interview the delegation continued with the final visits going first to the national Library where they were able to see the collection of local authors and see first hand the indexing system and archiving of volumes together with the use of the library by nationals who also made use of the computer room located in the centre itself.

Finally they visited the national Museum where the delegation was able to view at length the collection of historical and cultural objects from the island of SAPound o Tome. Featured was the collection from the colonial period which includes pictures and objects belonging to historical figures such as Joao Batista Silva de Lagos who introduced coffee plantations to the country which to this day remain active together with the original table on which independence was signed.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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