Minister for Information congratulates executive for work done in 2017

On Wednesday 31st January, the Minister for Information, Press and Radio, Eugenio Nze Obiang, met directors from the department in his charge, with the aim of evaluating the work carried out in 2017. At the meeting the general directors, secretaries and area heads also presented their proposals and work plans for 2018.

With the aim of improving services at the Ministry for Information, Press and Radio, a meeting took place at the headquarters of National Radio, in Malabo, the first Executive Board meeting of 2018, led by the departmental head, Eugenio Nze Obiang.

The meeting had two essential points on the agenda: an evaluation of the work done by each general directorate in 2017, and the presentation of work plans for 2018, with the two being read by the General Secretary, Santos Oba Obama.

Regarding the work carried out in 2017, a very positive balance was obtained by all general directorates. Various directors set up new sections in order to improve the efficiency of personnel working in the directorates and television, radio and the written press, by the press attaches in diplomatic missions abroad, and by the correspondents within the country.

With respect to 2018, they covered the roll-out of the Radio and Television Training Institute; the subsidising of private written press, which will be included in the ministry’s annual budget; the training of personnel through refresher courses every three months; the reduction of the TVGE television news; and the broadcasting of news in English on the radio and on state television, among other matters.

Regarding the General Directorate of the Institutional Web Page, the General Director, Filiberto Nseme Nsue Nchama, presented the board with his proposals for 2018; the introduction of the Portuguese language; the updating of the home page; the creation of sections on tourism, health, education and statistics; a list of our country’s diplomatic representations abroad; and a strengthening of web security, among other innovations.

Assisted by the Secretary of State, Miguel Antonio Obiang Avoro, and presidential advisers, the Minister for Information congratulated the directors of the department for their presentations, and described the work carried out in 2017 as positive.

Nze Obiang called for rigour from the director generals and heads of areas with respect to their subordinates, The director generals must stamp more character on this year; the balance for the work carried out in 2017 was positive, despite irregularities from professionals in various sections. Given that we are the voice of current affairs in the country, we must report promptly and professionally to the population the events that are taking place in the country. In 2018 I am hopeful that the proposals presented will be implemented, and we must redouble our efforts in carrying out our functions”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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