Minister for Information presents topics at Interministerial Council meeting

Following the meeting of the Interministerial Council on 6th November, the Minister for Information, Press and Radio, and Minister Spokesperson for the Government, Eugenio Nze Obiang, appeared before the press to provide details of the issues analysed during the council meeting, which took place in the meeting room at the Ministry for Finance, the Economy and Planning.

The Minister for Information stated that, during the meeting, the Presidency of the Government presented the Draft Project for Decree granting the Title of “12th October 2018, 50th Anniversary” to the Promenade in Malabo, which was the setting for the military and popular parade during the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Independence for our country. Nze Obiang indicated that he had sanctioned a legal instrument in order to bring about this popular wish, and the promenade would be called 12th October 50 Years of National Independence Promenade.

They also analysed the Membership Convention for the National Gendarmerie of Equatorial Guinea in the Organisation of African Gendarmeries (OGA), presented by the Minister of State for National Security, Nicolas Obama Nchama. This is an instrument to confront the situation of international criminality through international cooperation within the framework of the exchange of assistance between all countries in general, and the various institutions in African countries in particular, in order that this cooperation serves as an instrument of security, guaranteeing both the interests and the stability of the African continent. Its aim is also to contribute towards the fight against the new challenges that are affecting the internal security of States, and increase the capacity to prevent crises.

To do that it is necessary for the body of the National Gendarmerie to take the initiative and join the OGA, and also harmonise effective cooperation. The Government gave the go ahead to this instrument, so that it can follow its legal procedure.

The commission charged with verifying the various income sources at ministerial departments also submitted information to the Interministerial Council. Nze Obiang said that the Government is seeing the need to find different sources of income, without affecting the well-being of the population.

The Minister and Government Spokesperson also mentioned the collection of non-petroleum income, and stated that this income in recent months had increased and surpassed forecasts, This is good information, but the Prime Minister once again recommended to members of the Government to double their efforts in order that what belongs to the State coffers finds its destination”.

Furthermore, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Simeon Oyono Esono, presented some instruments that the Government has to ratify, agreements on cooperation between the republic of Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Yibuti and Portugal; the agreement on reciprocal extension of visas on diplomatic, official and service passports between our country and the Federal Republic of Russia; and the convention for Central Africa on the control of small arms, ammunition and all parts and components,known as the Kinshasa Convention.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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