Minister for Mines at 19th GECF Ministerial Meeting

The 19th Ministerial Meeting of members of the GECF (Gas Exporting Countries Forum) took place in Moscow (Russian Federation) on 4th October, under the leadership of the Minister for Energy from the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, as president of the ministerial meeting, and Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima, Minister for Mines and Hydrocarbons from Equatorial Guinea, as alternative president.

The meeting was attended by delegations from Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela, in addition to Azerbaijan, Holland, Norway, Oman and Peru as observers. The Executive President and General Secretary attended the meeting.

During the opening ceremony, the Ministerial President expressed his gratitude to the executive board and the General Secretary for having organised such an important event, and for having prepared the pertinent analyses and recommendations for the consideration of member states, which are included in the market analysis report and the Institute of Gas Research viability study.

The ministers looked at the short-term report for the production of gas in the market, and the long-term forecast, and also discussed the development, opportunities and challenges for the market at present and in the future.

They also exchanged ideas on advantages and opportunities, reviewed the report from the secretary on cooperation between member states and the exchange of information in relation to the development of the market and marketing, in addition to the situation regarding the environment.

The ministers stressed the importance of collaboration between member countries as a basic value of the forum, and on the need to stabilise and increase the market for gas.

They also emphasised the importance of the global community for the Paris Agreement, and reiterated the opportunity for a solution for the promotion of natural gas, and its essential work in response to the Paris Agreement.

In addition, they approved the initiative from the secretary to complete and publish the annual bulletin of statistics, which contains valuable data and information on the gas market, and to review the report on the Institute of Gas Research viability study, and decided that it would be built in Algeria.

They also underlined the importance of maintaining effective dialogue and interaction with experts on the market and shareholders.

The ministers, furthermore, chose and appointed Yuri Sentyurin as the next GECF General Secretary, for a period of two years beginning in January 2018, and expressed recognition for the work of H. M. Hossein Adeli, the former General Secretary.

The Minister for Industrial Energy from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Franklin Khan, was named President of the Ministerial Meeting from 1st January to 31st December 2018, and Tarek Molla, Minister for Petroleum and Mineral Resources from the Arab Republic of Egypt, was appointed Alternative President for the same period.

It was also decided that the 20th GECF Ministerial Meeting will be held on 14th November 2018.

At the end of the meeting, the ministers expressed their gratitude to H. E. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, Minister for Energy, and the Russian Government, for their hospitality.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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