Minister for Mines presents official authorisation to Tradex Group

On the morning of 17th December, at the ministerial headquarters, the Minister for Mines and Hydrocarbons, Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima, oversaw the official presentation of the authorisation to the Tradex Group for the construction of petrol stations and the sale of refined products and derivatives of crude oil in Equatorial Guinea.

The director of the Tradex Group, Perrial Nyodog, was the first to speak and recall that after three years operating in the country, it has been deserving of this project. To that end he thanked the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for his implication in the development of South-South Cooperation on the African continent, It is a huge satisfaction to carry out our first activities in Equatorial Guinea with a strategic platform, in which our work has been a unique experience and s no more than the start. In the short and long term, Tradex will create more than 400 jobs, which will benefit Equatoguineans”.

The Minister for Mines, for his part, gave an official welcome to Tradex in Equatorial Guinea, Through the presentation of this document signed by H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, you are going to form part of the great history of development in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. This ministry that today oversees you and the hydrocarbons sector that is taking you in are the epicentre of development that Equatorial Guinea has experienced in recent years. For that reason, on receiving this document, you are opting to work together with us in order that this development continues to grow”.

In conversation with the press, following the official presentation of the authorisation to the group, the Minister for Mines said that the agreement would serve as an activity for the benefit of both parties, Because we will have a neighbour with experience in distribution, and Tradex will expand into another country. In Equatorial Guinea we only have two distributors: Total, and the Equatoguinean Gepetrol Servicios. The inclusion of an additional company is positive and will invite competition and, at the same time, increase the number of companies that can provide the population with services”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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