Minister for Social Affairs holds audience

The Minister for Social Affairs and Gender Equality, Maria Consuelo Nguema Oyana, received the President of the International Organisation on Women Doctors and founder of the Every Woman Treaty Association, Doctor Eleonor Mwandinobi, on Saturday 8th February, The meeting took place in the presence of the technical adviser from the organisation of African First Ladies for development, Justino Obama Nve, and the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to Ethiopia, Crisantos Obama Ondo.

The meeting focussed on the need to propose to the Minister the idea that Equatorial Guinea takes the lead in the elaboration of a global treaty to put an end to violence against women and girls.

At least one in three women and girls suffers violence, and studies show that there are 1300 million women who have suffered violence throughout the world, constituting one of the largest current violations of Human Rights.

A global treaty would guarantee responsibility and security, in order to break the culture of silence and impunity, and would transform for the better the lives of women, girls, families, communities, nationalities and the world as a whole.

The president of the body, with headquarters in Pakistan, stated that now was the time to make the world safer than before for women and girls, given that the protocol defines procedures for all sectors and bodies involved in the provision of services in order to contribute to the protection and personal integrity of victims.

Nguema Oyana welcomed the proposal and considered it highly pertinent that the organisation set up in Malabo; however, the Minister gave a detailed report to her interlocutors of the policies and laws implemented by the Government in Malabo in favour of women and girls, and from those parameters the Government accords capital importance to women and they occupy significant posts and play a crucial role in Equatoguinean society.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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