Minister for Telecommunication meets companies from the sector

A meeting has taken place at the headquarters of the Ministry for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications, overseen by departmental head, Eucario Bacale Angue Oyana, who was accompanied by the vice-minister and the secretary of State for telecommunications in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

At the meeting, the minister drew attention to all those companies operating outside the legal framework for the exploitation of telecommunications services.

To that end, and with regards to the concession of licences and authorisations to exploit telecommunications services, Bacale Angue urged companies to legalise their situations and obligations in accordance with the Law on Telecommunications, within a period of seven days; and he also asked all the companies to get to know this law, which will serve as a manual by which the ministry will oversee the sector. To that end, the ORTEL organisation will take charge of monitoring this mandate, and the subsequent report to the ministry.

Secondly, the department has noticed that some companies are not validating the equipment and apparatus they are importing for the exploitation of their services, despite the fact that this is stipulated in the General Law on Telecommunications. The minister invited the companies to respect the law and collaborate with ORTEL, who was ordered to carry out an inspection of the state of equipment and apparatus of the companies, and the subsequent writing of a report for the ministry.

With reference to the organisation of the 50th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, the minister encouraged companies to guarantee communications and services in the sector, in order for the event to run smoothly. The impression taken away by our guests, said the minister, must reflect the socio-economic development seen in the country.

Finally, he encouraged companies to take part actively in the organisation of the TEG CAMPUS event, which is to be held from 11th to 13th May, at the Malabo Sports Centre, to mark the celebration of International Telecommunications Day.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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