Minister for Tourism at conference on business opportunities for Equatorial Guinea

The Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, within its “International Destinations” cycle, jointly organised a conference on the sector in Equatorial Guinea with the Equatorial Guinea Ministry for Tourism.

The Madrid Chamber of Commerce jointly organised a conference on the sector in our country with the Equatoguinean Ministry for Tourism. The conference was particularly aimed at entrepreneurs in the sector that wanted to know first hand about the business opportunities provided by Equatorial Guinea.

Overseeing the event, Tomas Mecheba Fernandez Galilea, Minister of State, Charged with Tourism in Equatorial Guinea; Purificacion Angue Ondo, Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, and Carlos Vogeler, Executive Director of the World Tourism Organization (WTO).

The event was opened by Augusto de CastaAeda Garcia-Manfredi, vice-president of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. In his speech, he welcomed all those present, representatives from more than sixty companies in the sector, and announced the organisation of a mission by the chamber to Equatorial Guinea, in the final week of the month of November.

For her part, the ambassador, with a presentation entitled “Economic panorama, trade and investment opportunities in Equatorial Guinea”, spoke about the opportunities provided by our nation as a virgin country in the tourist sector, while she also invited entrepreneurs to visit, as they would also have the incentive of speaking the same language.

In his speech, the minister reviewed the current state of tourism in Equatorial Guinea, and the opportunity that Spanish companies have to lead the sector in Equatorial Guinea. It is no coincidence, he pointed out, that this event has taken place in Spain, as the aim is to provide the opportunity to Spanish companies. Soon this type of event will take place in countries such as Germany, Great Britain, the United States, etc.

Mecheba Fernandez also invited them to visit our country in order see first hand the reality of Guinea; the country is open to all those who wish to visit, and he promised to streamline the process for obtaining visas.

In his speech, Carlos Vogeler praised the firm commitment by the Equatoguinean Government to boost the sector, which signifies an important stimulus to attract large hotel chains. Furthermore, Vogeler reiterated the support of the WTO for the Equatoguinean Ministry for Tourism, and declared that, faced with economic uncertainty on a global level, tourism was the sector to mitigate the situation, as a generator of wealth and employment.

In addition, he provided some significant figures; last year tourism grew by 7%, some 1,200 million tourists on a global level. The money generated through tourism represents 10% of GDP; 1 in every 11 jobs created is in the tourism sector; tourism on the African continent grew by 8% last year, meaning 58 million tourists. The Executive Director of the WTO added that Equatorial Guinea is taking essential steps towards the growth of the tourism industry.

Miguel A�ngel Carrillo Merino, director of the company Ocioproject, and Luz M� Lopez Izquierdo, sales director of the Aduo 10 Group, spoke about their experiences in Equatorial Guinea, which they illustrated with two videos.

At the end of the event , which was attended by over eighty company representatives, the minister met with over forty of them who had previously made an appointment. The purpose of this event was to attract investment to the tourism sector and make the Republic of Equatorial Guinea a benchmark tourist destination.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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