Minister for Tourism on official visit to China

During the visit, the minister Tomas Mecheba held a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Li Jinzao, in which they covered various matters related to tourism.

“Equatorial Guinea is a special country with respect to its resources, and I believe many compatriots would like to visit. In order to extend this sector and attract more tourists to the country, Equatorial Guinea must focus on improving security and services, in order to thus obtain a signing of the Memorandum, resulting from approval by the Chinese Government”, explained Li Jinzao, who is convinced that Equatorial Guinea has a great opportunity in this sector.

Fernandez Galilea, grateful for the words from his counterpart, commented that “we are a very important partner for China on an economic level. Chinese investment in Equatorial Guinea is important in the sectors of construction and airport infrastructure.

Equatorial Guinea, compared with other areas in Africa, is a country with huge tourist potential, and for that reason the department is working towards a decree to facilitate entry for tourists”.

Following the meeting with his counterpart, the minister Tomas Mecheba attended the International Tourism Fair (Travel Mart), held in the city of Shanghai from 11th to 13th November, where the department for tourism prepared a stand and a performance by a folk dance group.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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