Minister for Transport in Congo Brazzaville holds audience with Equatoguinean ambassador

The Minister for Transport, Civil Aviation and the Merchant Navy in Congo Brazzaville granted an audience to the Equatoguinean Ambassador, Samuel Ateba Owono.

The audience, which took place at the ministry, allowed Samuel Ateba Owono Iyanga to introduce himself as the new ambassador from his country to Congo Brazzaville. The head of the Equatoguinean diplomatic mission also reviewed various points regarding diplomatic relations between the two States in the sectors of transport and civil aviation, as Brazzaville and Malabo wish to strengthen their relations of friendship and cooperation.

For his part, the minister FidAle Dimoou congratulated the Equatoguinean diplomat on the new responsibilities the Government had entrusted him with, and wished his success in his post, before expressing the willingness of his department to work in close collaboration with the Equatoguinean diplomatic mission, taking into account that the two countries are members of some institutions in the subregion of Central Africa.

The member of the Government from Congo pointed out to the ambassador that, in order to implement projects, it is necessary that the two States meet in mixed commissions in order to identify the projects to work together on.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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