Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ statement to journalists following the decoration ceremony of Professor of Fetal Medicine, Kypros Nicolaides

As we have historically known, a very large part of Hellenism, a thriving part of Hellenism, is the Diaspora Hellenism, which excels.

Such a worthy child of Hellenism, who lives, works, and serves society in England, I had the great honour of decorating today on behalf of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Ms. Sakellaropoulou. And I’d like to say, on behalf of the Government, that we are very proud, we are particularly proud of the work that Kypros Nicolaides is doing for the global community. He is perhaps the world’s first, and most well-known professor of Fetal Medicine. He has saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of children’s lives. He has honored Cyprus; he has honored Hellenism; He has honored Greece.

We are also organizing together an aid program in developing countries, under the umbrella of Hellenic Aid. We have selected eight countries where we will set up Fetal Medicine Clinics to support mothers and children. The Greek flag will be flown at all eight of these clinics, which are entirely funded by the Kypros Nicolaides Foundation; as proof of our country’s and Kypros Nicolaides’ contribution to the global community.

I’ll say it again: I am particularly proud to have had the pleasure of decorating him today.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic

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