Ministerial Order regulating prices for broadband services

Ministerial Order Number 1/2019, of 5th March, regulating the wholesale and retail prices of broadband services in the electronic communication market. The full text of the order is included here.

The ministerial order aims to regulate the wholesale and retail prices of broadband services in the electronic communication market in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, which must be applied by operators and providers of these services.

The Minister for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunications, Eucario Bakale Angue, oversaw the presentation of this order on 26th March, in the meeting room at the ministry, accompanied by his senior collaborators, figures, private companies and telecommunications operators working in the country.

After approval on 20th February this year and taking into account the analysis and studies by ORTEL since 2016, which indicated the low development of broadband in our country and the consequent difficulties for the population when accessing the internet, the Minister declared that this was an improvement in the service, guaranteeing access to citizens at an affordable price through the establishment of maximum tariffs.

The ministerial order has 11 articles, a repeal and a final provision, covering the general obligation and wholesale and retail prices, among other points, for the improvement of telecommunications services.

Following his brief words, the Minister concluded by asking for compliance with this decree by all telecommunications operators, and said that in the event of non-compliance they would be disconnected from the internet, and their operating licences withdrawn, among other sanctions.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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