Ministry for Culture opens preparatory course for Miss Guinea 2019 finalists

The Director General for Tourism Regulations and Statistics, Josue Esono EdA� Corredor, opened the preparatory course for the 24 finalists, selected from all over the nation, who are competing for the Crown of Miss Guinea 2019.

These are the candidates:

Maria Salome Sipepe Boncanca (Miss Rebola)

Severina Shaw Morgades (Miss Annobon)

Keyla Maria Obono Ndong (Miss Akurenam)

Enriqueta Nzang Oburu (Miss AAisok)

Marcelina Avomo Ndong (Miss Kogo)

Betsabet Ebiole Mandombo (Miss Moka)

Iden Lohaba Ekong (Miss Nsang)

Eloisa Oyana Odjama (Miss Oyala)

Rosio Boheli Ngaha (Miss Corisco)

Lisa Abuy MaAana (Miss Bata)

Andrea Justa Patabobe (Miss Luba)

Aurelia Andeme Ondo (Miss Mongomo)

Maria del Pilar Akeng Eyang (Miss Nkue)

Serafina Nchama Eyene (Miss Niefang)

Maria Luz Monte Nguba (Miss Rio Campo)

Margarita Mokkuy Mba (Miss Nsork)

Emilia Mibuy Ndong (Miss Nsok Nsomo)

Ornelia Aurora Esono Angono (Miss Ebibeyin)

Janne Ortiz (Miss Malabo)

Anita Mikue Nfumu (Miss Mbini)

Rusmila Yolanda Asumu Eyang (Miss Mikomiseng)

Estrella Benigna Oyana Bibang (Miss Evinayong)

Aecenia Chanque Bosepe (Miss Baney)

Loida Obono Nguema (Miss Akonibe)

All these candidates will begin with this preparatory training before this year’s gala final. Along those lines, both the organisation, the winning misses from previous editions -also present during the course-, and the representative from the ministry, stressed the importance of not being the most beautiful, but also the most virtuous, as the Miss Equatorial Guinea contest is a gala in which the high demands will leave a single representative for the entire nation, who will travel the world carrying the Equatorial Guinea flag.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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