Ministry for Culture promoted World Tourism Day

The Ministry for Culture, Tourism and Craft Promotion has reported, through the Director General for Tourism Regulations and Statistics, to all players in the tourism sector that, to mark the celebration of World Tourism Day on 27th September, there will be a presentation of National Tourism Awards.

Under this year’s theme for World Tourism Day: “Tourism and employment: a better future for all”, the Department of Culture is inviting all owners, managers, directors and supervisors of tourism establishments throughout the nations to internally recognise, identify and select the “Best Employee”.

The internal nomination must be made by 22nd September, and the name of the employee submitted by each establishment in writing to the Ministry for Culture or the delegations before 24th September.

World Tourism Day represents a unique opportunity to highlight the fact that tourism can help us to create a better future for all; an industry that supports many millions of jobs and promotes economic progress on a national and international level.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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