MoFA Rejects EU Resolution, Calls for Relationship Based on Equality and Mutual Benefit

Addis Ababa,The resolution of the European Parliament issued in connection with Dr. Merera Gudina, who is brought to justice for violating the Ethiopian law, is unbalanced, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

The statement expressed about persons under custody has not taken into consideration the justice system of the country.

The Ministry which pointed out that Ethiopia believes that its relation with the European Union should be based on mutual benefit and equality added that the resolution does not take into consideration the current situation of the country and is not constructive to the cooperation between Ethiopia and the Union.

The European Union resolution is based on the erroneous views on the present situation of the country by some of its members, the press release of the Ministry stated, adding that the resolution passed with regard to Dr. Merara Gudina who is facing justice is inappropriate.

According to the Ministry, the resolution of the union has no significance except its attempt to belittle the constitutional order.

The parliament, which held its meeting on May 17, 2017, has stated the rapid economic growth of Ethiopia and commended the role of the country in hosting large number of refugees from neighboring countries.

It has also appreciated the role of Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa and African Union.

The European Union also praised the major role Ethiopia is playing in the continent, and in particular its support for the stabilization of Somalia, the fight against terrorism, the peace process between Sudan and a political dialogue within South Sudan.

The release which pointed out that the parliament’s resolution does not have meaningful impact on the country’s development, added that Ethiopia will continue its consultation on the establishment of strategic partnership with the European Union based on respect, mutual benefit, equality and by taken into account its current situation.

Ethiopia and European Union have reached agreement last year to transfer their relation to that of strategic partnership and are working jointly on six identified priority areas.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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