More ONCIGE patients sent abroad with support from First Lady return

The president of the National Organisation for the Blind in Malabo, Juan Rocoso, has held a interview with the national media to evaluate the question of the evacuation of cases of patients treated outside Equatorial Guinea, and to comment on the recent return to the country of patients operated on thanks to support from the First Lady.

Juan Rocoso, in his speech, pointed out that of the eleven patients operated on at the Hospital in La Arruzafa, the majority have experienced a positive outcome. Furthermore, he stated that there are three patients that are completing the paperwork to be evacuated, thanks to support from the First Lady.

He also praised and expressed gratitude for the work of Constancia Mangue, because 2017 was a year in which many of these patients saw positive results with regards to their visual health.

The patients who recently returned were Patrocina Rebeca Madja, Natividad Pecho Gabilondo, JesA�s Mba Mbo, Carlos Dick and Honorina Antia; some of whom are now in the continental region where they live, and others are in the capital, where they gathered at the ONCIGE headquarters, in order to thank the First Lady, the organisation, and the hospital in La Arruzafa, for the support received.

The president of the organisation concluded by reporting that from 1st to 10th February there will be a visual campaign, and a group of doctors will come who are going to operate on those patients in which some sight condition has been detected; for that reason, he invited the population to attend in order to do the tests and try to prevent more serious consequences.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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