Mosquito net distribution campaign begins in Malabo schools

One thousand two hundred mosquito nets were distributed free on Wednesday 29th March to four Malabo schools, by those responsible under the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare National Programme for the Fight against Malaria, during the campaign which has now begun.

The aim of this campaign is to distribute mosquito nets to schools on the island of Bioko. The Maria Auxiliadora adventist centre, the Pilar Momo and the Canguro were the first stops where members of the programme made the deliveries to prevent malaria.

Furthermore, teachers are also working with the campaign, after receiving some weeks ago training on the control and prevention of malaria, in order to in turn educate pupils in their respective centres regarding the key messages in the adequate use of the mosquito nets and an understanding of the symptoms of malaria.

This disease affects families in our communities, but above all minors. Boys and girls who are suffering from malaria are tired, lacking energy, do not manage to learn, and thus miss opportunities.

It is possible to prevent the disease by promoting a simple, highly effective measure: “that boys and girls sleep under an impregnated mosquito net”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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