National Basketball League begins

A spectacular opening ceremony marked the start of the National Basketball League of Equatorial Guinea (LNBGE) in the pavilion of Malabo Sports Centre, which featured the presence of sporting authorities and a musical performance by the international Equatoguinean artist Anfibio, which began with a bland match, and finished with a crushing victory by San Antonio de Pale.

As in all large events, the Equatoguinean Basketball Federation (FEGUIBASKET) knew how to organise a sporting spectacle at the highest level, and above all, two teams with the desire to be the first to score points during the next five months of the LNBGE.

The LNBGE was opened by the Director General for Sports, Josue Esono EdA�, in an act first featuring a speech by the President of FEGUIBASKET, Gabriel Mbaga Nchama, who thanked the public for attending, as the lights and music made for a frenetic start to the competition, in which San Antonio de Pale faced Malabo King.

From the first moments, it was clear that both teams were playing with more heart than head, and is was clear, with only 18 points being scored in the first period, providing a slim advantage to Malabo King of 4 points (7 – 11). After the first break, both teams continued stiffly, and the general trend was missed shots from the triple line, which prevented the scoreboard from even a slight change, accumulating a partial of (6 – 5) in favour of Malabo King.

It must have been the stellar performance from Anfibio which imbued energy into San Antonio de Pale, because in the third period things took a spectacular change, and they took off in the hands of Mercurio Mbogo, who scored 10 points in the period, achieving a partial of (23-7). Then to finish the final period, and to continue the monologue – this time at the hands of Ruslan Ikaka, who scored 10 more points for Malabo King – the team ended up consolidating the final result, with a partial of (31- 14).

For Malabo King, the performances of Alfonso Shuj and Salvador Kokas are worth a mention, who each scored 10 points.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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