National Blind Association celebrates 15th anniversary

Every 15th September, ONCIGE marks the anniversary of its founding. The President of the Equatorial Guinea National Organisation for the Blind has praised the successes obtained by the organisation since 2003, the year in which it was founded, and has demonstrated his gratitude, particularly, to the First Lady of the Nation, Constancia Mangue, and to all those who have supported and continue to work with the institution.

The celebration, on Saturday 15th September, took place in the meeting room at the Ministry for the Interior and Local Corporations, overseen by the Director General for Civic Society, Elias Ovono Mbana, with the assistance of the Director General for Human Rights and representatives from Mines, Social Affairs, Health and Social Welfare.

The presentations began with words from the Director General for Civic Society, who recalled the history of the organisation, while declaring his praise and gratitude for the work of the First Lady.

The Director General for Human Rights also praised the fifteen years of success, and indicated that these activities of the ONCIGE come within the framework of the promotion of Human Rights.

Furthermore, the president of the institution, Juan Rocoso Bolopo, paid homage to the colleagues who signed the constitution, and gave a brief account of the history of ONCIGE and the ends towards which it works.

They were also able to hear several reports from the School of Braille, regarding visual health services, and donations to the ONCIGE.

Finally, the event concluded with a series of cultural activities presented by students from the School of Braille. The closing speech followed by the Director General for Human Rights, and cocktails provided for those present.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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