National Director for Nursing explains Nursing Implementation Plan

The National Director for Nursing, Luciano Ebang Ela Mesi, has granted an interview to reporters from, to report on the Implementation of Professional Exercise of Nursing project, which was presented on 21st June in the presence of the Minister for Health.

Ebang Ela stated that the general aim of the project was to improve the scientific and technical level of nursing professionals.

The elaboration of this project has involved the Ministry for Health; the National University of Equatorial Guinea, specifically the Faculty of Health Sciences; the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation in Development, and the Foundation for the Development of Nursing.

He also said that this project has specific aims; the establishment of a permanent nursing training programme, for the management of quality hospital care.

Furthermore, he pointed out the three results of this project; to identify the training needs for nurses in accordance with their professional category and level; to elaborate and officially present the plan, and to execute the pilot programme, which consists in identifying two benchmark hospitals, in Malabo and Bata.

Focal points have already been selected in all hospitals throughout the country, in order to direct them regarding how to create the plan, manage it and evaluate it.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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