New General Secretary at Ministry for Social Affairs

On 26th March, the Minister for Social Affairs and Gender Equality, Consuelo Nguema Owana, oversaw the handover of office between the outgoing and incoming General Secretary at the ministerial department, in an act which took place in the meeting room at the ministry.

The act was attended by the Vice-Minister for Social Affairs and Gender Equality, Gertrudis Davies Eiso, and the Adviser on Social Affairs, Ramon Bengono Miko, director generals and officials from the ministry.

During the session there was a reading of the act, by the Inspector General, and a speech by the outgoing General Secretary, Valeriano Ela, who since 2002 has worked at the ministry holding various posts.

Then there were words from the new secretary, who thanked the Head of State for the trust placed in him, and asked for collaboration and teamwork from officials.

After signing the acts, the two parties wished each other luck and success in their endeavours.

Finally, the act came to a close with advice from the minister, who congratulated the outgoing general secretary for the good work, and asked for the same rhythm of work from the new post-holder, in order to meet the objectives outlined for the ministry.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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