New laboratory for research and technological innovation in Congo Brazzaville

In the Republic of Congo the laboratory project to accelerate development through innovation between the ministry for scientific research and technological innovation and the United Nations Development Programme has been officially launched. The ceremony was overseen by the Prime Minister and head of Government, Clemente Mouamba, at which the acting Adviser from the Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Congo Brazzaville, Rafael Mba Esangui Nchama, was present.

Through this project, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aims, among other things, to build a network of knowledge throughout the world via the development acceleration laboratory for innovation, consistent with promoting new development initiatives.

Furthermore, the Minister for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation, Martin Parfait Aime Coussoud Mavoungu, congratulated the UNDP for the support provided to the Government. However, he underlined in his speech that lasting development constituted the true platform for scientific and technological innovation.

Likewise, the UNDP representative in Congo Brazzaville, Maleye Diop, indicated the importance for the 78 countries throughout the world that the development acceleration laboratory functioned correctly.

The Prime Minister, in his opening speech, praised the initiative after urging the corresponding departments to work in harmony with the UNDP in order to put the project into practice.

He also informed those present of the importance given by his Government to private initiatives and innovation. He concluded his speech by recognising that this project complied with the sustainable development goals towards horizonte 2030, responding to current global challenges.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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