New rates for tolls

The Secretary of State for Roads, Tolls and Airport Infrastructures, Luis Oyono Esono, announced the establishment of new tariffs for national tolls.

The new tariffs of the Company for Road Maintenance and Tolls (EPEMAC) have been reported in the national media, on Tuesday, January 6, by the Secretary of State of that sector.

Luis Oyono Esono announced that the prices of all tolls on national roads and motorways are established in a single amount, and that employees who are caught using other fees will be automatically dismissed.

The prices, depending on the type of vehicle, are: taxis and intercity transport vehicles, one hundred CFA francs; cars and SUVs, five hundred CFA francs; trucks and vans, two thousand CFA francs, and heavy machinery, five thousand CFA francs.

Text and photos: Miguel Angel Andjimi Ndong
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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