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UN chief hails “true political leadership” by Equatorial Guinea and Gabon

“True political leadership” on the part of neighbouring presidents, has led to the signing of a special agreement on the border dispute between the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and the Gabonese Republic, according to the UN chief.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon made his remarks at a special signing ceremony to mark the agreement on Tuesday, attended by the presidents of both countries.

He praised their efforts working alongside the UN since 2008, to “peacefully resolve” the dispute, which dates back to the early 1970s, regarding several common boundaries and islands.

“Today’s event is a testimony to the determination of your countries to move with a common vision,” he said “to strengthen and respect the international rule of law and contribute to lasting peace”.

Mr Ban said their efforts should inspire countries around the world facing similar challenges.

9,400 Haitian police to be backed up by UN forces ahead of crucial vote

A total of 9,400 Haitian police officers will be backed up by security forces from the UN Mission MINUSTAH, ahead of crucial national elections taking place at the weekend.

MINUSTAH said on Tuesday that preparations for Sunday’s presidential vote were going as planned, and security personnel would be deployed across the country, including areas hit hard by Hurricane Matthew last month.

The long-delayed elections had been due to take place on October 9.

With some areas devastated and thousands still in need of aid, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) airlifted vital aid on Monday to support the relief effort.

Here’s UN Deputy Spokesperson, Farhan Haq.

“The airlift includes 16,000 rolls of heavy duty plastic sheeting to provide emergency shelter and more than 8,500 solar lanterns that will enhance the security of vulnerable families currently living without electricity. In The Bahamas, UNHCR is also responding to the Government’s appeal for help by working with the Bahamas Red Cross to provide urgently needed relief, including tarpaulin, plastic sheeting, blankets, hygiene kits, and portable stoves to nearly 7,000 people impacted by the hurricane.”

New radio initiative to help displaced Iraqis stay in touch

A new radio initiative was launched on Tuesday, offering a “communications lifeline” to Iraqis displaced by fighting in and around Mosul who have sought refuge in UN camps.

The idea is to help families get access to accurate and reliable information as the fight continues to drive the terrorist group ISIL out of Iraq’s second city, which they’ve occupied for more than two years.

UN Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq said the initiative would start in UNHCR’s newly-built Hasansham camp.

“One Iraqi radio station, Radio Nawa, will be distributing 2,000 small transistor radios, so that people can listen in to a non-partisan information service, take part in radio phone-ins, raise questions or comments, and engage on-air with local and central government officials and the Iraqi security forces.”

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Source: United Nations Radio.

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