Nguema Obiang Mangue reaches out in Bata with election material

The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea National Campaign Director, Nguema Obiang Mangue, has toured the city of Bata, distributing his party’s election material to militants and sympathisers living in the neighbourhoods of Asonga village, Etofili and Mondoasí, among others.

On Sunday 13th November, Nguema Obiang Mangue inspected the state of the material, and then instructed the Fourth Deputy, Dolores Nchama Alogo, and her collaborators, on how it should be distributed.

The material included t-shirts, caps and popo cloth, among other party promotional items, and it was offered to the people of Bata in more than 10 neighbourhoods.

As PDGE Senator for the Bata jurisdiction, the PDGE Vice-President is not only concerned with the welfare of the people in this enclave, but also wants to make sure they benefit from campaign materials and are part of all electoral processes.

The PDGE Vice-President’s aim is that his party’s clothing should reach members of all social strata throughout the country. To that end, he has launched a strategy of reaching out to his supporters in their neighbourhoods in order to involve them in the PDGE campaign.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

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