“Now is the time to move towards a 50-50 planet”, banner of Women’s Day for the Equatoguinean community on China

The celebration this year was attended by the Cape Verde Ambassador and the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador, both accredited in China; the president of the African Ambassadors Wives Group, Josephine Dosso, from Ivory Coast, and, of course, representatives from the All China Women Foundation. Present were a total of fourteen wives of various accredited ambassadors in China, such as the wife of the Spanish Ambassador, or the wife of the Tunisian Ambassador, diplomats, businesswomen and the Equatoguinean student body.

Since the naming, in 1975, of this relevant and significant date by the UN, women in society have achieved various milestones. Today we are witnesses to a world which is the fruit of the evident excellent work of many women, leaders or not, who are present with unprecedented attitudes, decisions and behaviour, underlined Elisabeth Micha de Ekua, in her opening speech. There remains much work to do and a road to travel in order to reach the objectives set out by UN WOMEN on the idea of living in an egalitarian planet by 2030.

Around five women spoke this afternoon to add their efforts towards a planet with 50% equality on rights and opportunities, and with further support initiatives for the rural and urban activists, in order to transform our society.

“Men and women have the same rights, we are free, we continue to fight so that it is a more tangible reality in our daily lives, because we must enjoy the same opportunities. The day when we no longer need an International Women’s Day to recall and assert rights, we will have reached our goal”, underlined the women, in their various speeches.

During the event there were a total of five speeches, given by the hostess, Elisabeth Micha; the guest of honour, the Cape Verde Ambassador, Tania Romualdo; the President of GAAS; a young Chilean businesswoman, Caroline Parraguez, and the young student, Milagrosa Ada.

Homage was also paid to various women from around the world who are non now with us, who fought directly or indirectly for the integration of women in society, and Equatoguinean women who contributed to the socio-cultural development of our country, including the First Lady, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, for her huge humanitarian work in support of the most disadvantaged social layers.

Equatorial Guinea was also able to show the guests present its cultural diversity, through a traditional dance group.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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