Nvono-Ncá calls for EU respect ahead of 20th November elections

The Equatorial Guinea Ambassador in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, concluded his European briefing tour on the upcoming elections in Equatorial Guinea at one of the European Union headquarters.

Specifically, the Ambassador met Rita Laranjinha, Director General for Africa from the European Commission European External Action Service (EEAS). During the meeting, the Ambassador reported on the successful trajectory of PDGE candidate President Obiang in recent years, who “has been able to transform a totally ruined country into one of the most modern, developed African nations,” the diplomat said. “In the 1980s Equatorial Guinea had practically nothing,” he added.

Equatorial Guinea began exploiting its oil resources in the 1990s, although the activities reached a peak in 2005. “In less than 20 years, Equatorial Guinea became a different country in every way. Everything has improved,” said Nvono-Ncá.

“And I speak not as an Ambassador, but as an ordinary citizen who recognises a job well done. A vote for Obiang will be a vote for recognition of all this work”.

For her part, the Director General called for the Equatoguinean population to vote freely and for the electoral process to ensure transparency.

The EU praised the calm atmosphere in which the election campaign is taking place, despite isolated incidents in the run-up to the campaign.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

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