Nvono-Ncá highlights achievements of Presidential Candidate Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea before the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has travelled to the British capital to provide information, highlighting the political achievements of presidential candidate Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. In contrast, the other candidates have yet to win the confidence of a people who will go to the polls on 20th November.
One of the important meetings that Ambassador Nvono-Ncá held as part of this information campaign in London was with Jorge Cabrera, Second Head of the Spanish Embassy in London, to whom he expressed the positive results of the economic and social policy that President Obiang has been developing over the years. Nvono-Ncá also stressed that in 1979, Equatorial Guinea was at the top of the list of the poorest countries in the world, whereas today it is among the most developed African countries.

Beyond the information campaign

In addition to the information campaign, the Equatoguinean diplomat conveyed to Mr. Cabrera his gratitude for the predisposition Spain is showing in the talks with Equatorial Guinea, through the Embassy in Brussels and the Permanent Representation before the IMO. This covers technical cooperation with the Iberian country which is helping Equatorial Guinea to ratify a series of conventions with the important maritime institution that is the IMO.

Nvono-Ncá recalled that Equatorial Guinea has had other options for opening negotiation channels and boosting its activity within the IMO, but that it never hesitated in opting for Spain, not only because of the great bond that unites the two nations, but also because of its huge maritime experience.

Nvono-Ncá explained to Gisela Vieira, Acting Head of the IMO’s Maritime Safety Section, that the maritime policies implemented by the current government of Equatorial Guinea are beginning to be seen through agreements that have been reached with countries that are well positioned in the maritime sector, such as Spain and Argentina.

Furthermore, the Ambassador reported that, according to the latest polls, everything points to candidate Obiang Nguema Mbasogo as the clear favourite in the elections, which will take place on 20th November. “I would describe the upcoming vote for President Obiang as a vote of thanks for his life dedicated to protecting our country,” said Nvono-Ncá.

“Countries are not built in a day, nor are they modernised overnight. The current government has understood how to invest the profits from oil for the progress of the country and the well-being of its people,” the Ambassador concluded.

Another of the visits made in London was to the United States Embassy, where he held meetings with Jared Banks, Embassy Adviser, Guy Lawson, Science and Technology Officer, and Kari Jaksa, Political Officer, to discuss a series of highly topical, important issues, including the election campaign that is to take place in just a few days. Along those lines, he presented the electoral programmes and gave an assessment of the presidential candidates, highlighting once again the extensive experience of the current President Obiang, the PDGE candidate, his defence of the country’s interests and his ability to position Equatorial Guinea among the most modern countries in Africa.

Beyond the assessment of the presidential candidates

In addition to discussing the election campaign in Equatorial Guinea, Ambassador Nvono-Ncá also discussed other important issues with senior United States Embassy officials, including the excellent relations that have always predominated between the two nations. Bilateral relations between Equatorial Guinea and the United States have been focussed chiefly on negotiations regarding United States investment in Equatorial Guinea in order to obtain raw materials. The North American country in one of the chief investors in Equatorial Guinea, which has been of great relevance to the country, and has allowed it to improve its GDP to a large extent.

Likewise, Nvono-Ncá personally conveyed Equatorial Guinea’s interest in counting on the cooperation and assistance of all countries friendly to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea with great experience in maritime security, including the United States. “Equatorial Guinea is very grateful for the cooperation and collaboration it has received from the US government since 1979,” said the Ambassador.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

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