Oath of the new judges and prosecutors

The President of the Republic, Head of State and Government, First Magistrate of the Nation and Chairman of the High Council of the Judiciary, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has sworn in on Monday, June 15, members of the judiciary and prosecutors nationwide, which have recently been appointed by Decree number 52/2015, dated June 3, 2015.

The nearly four hundred new administrators of justice of Equatorial Guinea pledged allegiance and loyalty to H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo; to serve the Republic of Equatorial Guinea; abide by the law of the nation and, above all, perform their functions with dignity and responsibility. All this took place in a ceremony that had a court of honor headed by the First Vice President for Presidential Affairs, Ignacio Milam Tang.

In his reflections, the President indicated that, so far, only the executive and legislative branches have worked to achieve their goals, while the judiciary has led to a political and cultural imbalance in the Nation: “The transformation and progress of Equatorial Guinea,” continued the Head of State,“develop positively, thanks to the effective participation of national and foreign companies and corporations. However, many are now at risk of suspending their activities in the country, due to the abuses and injustices committed against them by the judicial staff, who have created uncertainty in their activities.”

-“Honesty and moral integrity are unavoidable qualities to exercising the judicial function; therefore, we hope that this new team demonstrates their ability and readiness, prioritizing these virtues in the new functions they are now taking on. The people of Equatorial Guinea expect much of you,” the First Magistrate of the Nation ended his speech at the ceremony.

Text: Benjamin Mangue Micha
Photos: Miguel Angel Mba Onva
(Presidential Press Team)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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