Obama Asue receives members from Civil Society

A day after members of the Civil Society requested an orientation meeting with the Prime Minister of the Government, the petition had a response through the audience granted to this grouping on Wednesday 12th April.

The six points covered at the meeting focussed on improvements in the operation of this society, which is part of the Extraction Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). They also wanted to clarify some citizens’ doubts, such as the confusion between the concepts of civil society and political party. The reactivation of the EITI national committee or the involvement of the Government in raising awareness among citizens and state bodies was another of the matters looked at during the meeting.

The Civil Society asked for a senior representative from the Ministry for the Interior and Local Corporations to form part of the EITI commission, in order to accelerate the process of integration of Equatorial Guinea in this initiative.

The civil society is a non-governmental body, and its mission is to contribute towards the development of the country. It has been active for two decades, and in made up of institutions and religious congregations, among other bodies.

The meeting, which took place at the Presidency of the Government in Djibloho, was attended by the Minister for Public Administration and Administrative Reform, Faustino Ndong Esono Eyang, representing the Minister General Secretary, together with the director general of the Civil Society, Elias Ondo Mbana.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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