Obama Asue visits construction site of Sendje hydroelectric power station

The aim of this visit by the Prime Minister, Charged with Administrative Coordination, was to find out about the progress of the work, since it began again six months ago by the Ukrainian company, Douglas Alliance.

In a meeting between the Government and the contractor, Douglas Alliance, and IMS.G.E., the supervising company, the directors from the two companies provided details to Obama Asue on the project, which involves some 300 employees in total; a figure which is tending to increase through the contracting of national workers, according to the company.

The Prime Minister expressed the concerns of the Government for the progress of the project and the importance of using quality materials. He added that the Executive was doing everything possible to ensure that materials arrived on site on time.

Taking into account that the time for completing the construction of this 200 megawatt hydroelectric power station, larger than the one in Djibloho (120 megawatts) is 31 months, both the Government and chiefs from the companies were optimistic regarding compliance with the deadline, as currently the established calendar is being adhered to. And as expressed by the Prime Minister, this will only come about thanks to the effort, harmony and full understanding between the signing partners.

Following that, the Prime Minister saw first hand the work done on the project to date, through a visit of over two hours of the facilities.

This visit was also attended by, among others, the Vice-Minister for Industry and Energy, Jose Maria Ondo Owono; the Governor of Litoral, Bartolome Owono Nze, and the Government Delegate from the District of Mbini, Cristobal Ambrosio Nze Nfumu.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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