Obiang Esono reiterates Equatorial Guinea support for peace process in Syria

The support transmitted by the Equatoguinean Government to the United Nations official took place during an important debate held on 2nd October in the UN Security Council on the Arab Republic of Syria.

The fifteen members of the Security Council congratulated themselves on the fact that in Syria there will be a new constitution after observing that the difficult situation the country is going through will never have a military solution according to various representatives of member States during their speeches.

The debate featured the usual participation of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea represented by the Deputy Ambassador Permanent Representative before the United Nations Job Obiang Esono Mbengono.

This being the final meeting under the presidency of the Russian federation to members of the council congratulated this country for the work done and above all for concluding the period with such a complicated matter.

After speeches from the General Secretary’s Special Envoy for Syria the United States Kuwait and Ivory Coast Obiang Esono first considered that the session should be described as historic following the eagerly awaited announcement of the creation of the Constitutional Committee as after eight years of conflict and despite the numerous obstacles and various rounds of tough consultations and negotiations between all the key players in the Syrian political process the creation of the committee is without doubt good news which returns hope to the entire Syrian population.

Our country’s diplomat then declared that Equatorial Guinea recognises that this victory was thanks to the diplomatic support of the Astana guarantors including Russia Turkey and Iran. He stressed that everyone must be conscious that the establishment and actions of the committee must be effectively accompanied by specific measures which promote trust and facilitate political progress.

Along those lines Obiang Esono concluded his speech by reiterating the unreserved support of the Government of Equatorial Guinea to the General Secretary’s Special Envoy for the successful culmination of this process which inexorable requires an agreed diplomatic solution and not the undue use of force.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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