Official Launch for Urban Planning Tenders

The Minister for Public Works, Housing and Town Planning, Diosdado Nsue Medja, has requested that via tenders, construction companied submit urban development plans for the cities of Mongomo, Ebebiyin and Malabo.

Having seen the current problems in the area of territorial planning in Equatorial Guinea, it was deemed opportune to set up a programme of planning for towns throughout the nation.

On 6th December, in the meeting room at the Ministry for Public Works, there was the official launch of urban planning, so that companies can adequately prepare the way a city is to be structured.

The Minister for Public Works said that the ministry has a campaign to eliminate, through the Ministry for Energy and SEGESA, all the electricity cables that are in poor condition.

After this speech, the event was brought to a close by the Director General for Catastrophes, expert in Architecture and Town Planning, and president of the commission, who gave the terms of reference for the tender, including the presentation format for proposals, and a short explanation on the commission of experts in matters of town planning, who will establish all the directorates that must be met by those submitting tenders in the process.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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