Official opening of Workshop to Create Plan to Fight Oil Spillages

The workshop that is being given by national experts and the IMO will last for three days, from 7th to 10th May. The opening ceremony for the work was led by the Minister for Transport, the Postal Service and Telecommunication, Eucario Bacale Angue. The seminar will be attended by technicians and professionals from the departments involved.

Eucario Bacale Angue, in his speech, pointed out the importance of the seminar, and the line taken by the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. It is a great honour for me to speak at this significant event which marks the start of the Workshop to Create National Emergency Plan to Fight Oil Spillages in the Marine Environment. Given that the United Nations convention on maritime rights states that problems in marine areas are closely related to one another, and must be taken as a set in order to achieve universality in the effort to bring about international, fair and equal economic order for ocean spaces”.

With respect to the seminar in question, the Minister for Transport said that the workshop fell within the framework of the International Convention of 1990, on the fight against and cooperation in matters of pollution produced by hydrocarbons.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), in addition to congratulating the Government for the contribution by the ministries involved in the matter, and public and private interest, pointed out that the workshop was a continuation of the activities carried out within the framework of the GI WACAF Project since 2007, which is co-financed by the IMO and the oil industry, via the IPIECA, the oil association for environmental and social affairs.

During the seminar, they will examine systems to establish a legal and institutional frame of reference which defines responsibilities with reference to the implementation of the convention; the designation of the competent authority for the preparation of an operational response capability, the formulation of international cooperation and mutual aid, and the setting up of a national system for the preparation and response to hydrocarbon pollution incidents, among other points.

The workshop will be attended by the ministerial departments involved, and companied affected from the sector, together with legal and social personnel.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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