ONCIGE celebrates International Braille Day

Every 4th January is International Braille Day, and the Equatorial Guinea National Organisation for the Blind celebrated this day through various activities at the institution headquarters.

The event was overseen by the Director General for Assistance for the Elderly and Disabled, Manuel Gabilondo Suka, who was accompanied by the president of the institution, Juan Rocoso.

During the event they heard words from the president of ONCIGE and the Director General, who pointed out that the invitation to take part in this day was issued to all the visually disabled, in order to attend the Braille school.

Within the programme of activities they heard a short history of Braille, the pointed system of reading and writing universally adopted within education programmes for the blind.

Following the lecture, they continued with cultural activities, which focussed on progress made by students at the school.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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