One week for temporary work agencies to legalise their work systems

H. E. Nguema Obiang Mangue has given temporary employment agencies an ultimatum to legalise their work systems in accordance with the Labour Law in force in Equatorial Guinea.
The Vice-President of the Republic expressed his indignation at the behaviour of some agencies that do not allow workers to deal directly with the companies in which they provide their services; and said that it is unacceptable that they profit from the salaries of employees through open-ended contracts that lack guarantees and the basic rights of an employee.

Nguema Obiang Mangue, who acknowledged fighting the same problem for 20 years with agencies contracted by oil companies, stressed that the current law on temporary work agencies stipulates that the worker should be in contact with the intermediary agencies for 6 months; after this period, the employee should be free to negotiate his contract with the company where he is working.

The government member does not understand how employees can be kept on for more than 3 years, with commission being received on the workers’ salaries. For that reason, he has set up a commission composed of the Ministry for Work and representatives from the agencies which, within two weeks, should have adapted their operating methods so that all these employees are working in accordance with the law.

During Tuesday’s meeting at the People’s Palace in Malabo, Nguema Obiang stated that the situation with the agencies was as if they were manipulating the law in their favour, and on that basis, he would be strict regarding the application of legislation so that, from now on, any company that does not respect current legislation in the country regarding agencies will be sanctioned. Repetition of the same offences would lead to the immediate closure of the agency in question.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

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