Opening of a seminar on the functions of the Senate

The seminar, which began on Monday evening, May 25, is the second in a series of courses scheduled by the Senate, following the one on Parliamentary Law.

The opening of this seminar addresses the concern of the presidency of the Senate of adapting the operation of the institution to the demands of the new political, economic and social setting, created in the country after the Constitutional Referendum in 2011. Its aim is to strengthen the capabilities of the human component that integrates the institution, providing it with the information enabling it to better understand the responsibility and the role it is called upon to play, in its mission to represent the people of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

During the week-long duration, the Seminar on the Role of Monitoring and Information and the Role of Institutional Management of the Senate will be taught by Antonio Lucio Gil and Javier Sanchez, who have thanked the Senate for the trust placed in them, and have committed to carrying out this work with full commitment and seriousness. They also explained the contents to be taught, divided into the following main modules: the parliamentary function of monitoring -which deals with research commissions-; the right to petition the parliamentary chambers -focusing on the complaints and petitions; Senate relationships with institutional bodies of the State; the intervention of the Senate in the appointment of officials and authorities; as well as international treaties and parliamentary diplomacy.

In his remarks at the opening ceremony of this second seminar, the President of the Senate, Teresa Efua Asangono, stressed to her fellow senators that the scheduling of seminars carried out by the institution will benefit all; it will help them acquire parliamentarian practices and skills on parliamentary monitoring of government action, hearings, interpellations, oral and written questions, etc.

To show their appreciation, the speakers have given the Senate several gifts.

Text and photos: Senate Communications Office

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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