Opening of CPLP Defence Ministers’ Meeting by Vice-President of the Republic

The Vice-President of the Republic, Charged with Security and State Defence, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, oversaw the opening ceremony for the 18th Meeting of Defence Ministers from the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), which took place on the morning of Thursday 25th May at the Palace of Conferences in Sipopo.

During the event, East Timor passed the presidency of the CPLP Ministers’ Meeting to Equatorial Guinea.

The Executive Secretary of the CPLP, Maria do Carmo Silveira, the Equatorial Guinea Deputy Minister for Defence, and the Minister for Defence from East Timor also spoke during the ceremony.

The East Timor Minister for Defence, in his speech, praised the hospitality and reception granted to the CPLP delegations, which he linked to the commitment of Equatorial Guinea to integration within the community. He also recalled that the defence meetings emerge from the political will to develop the CPLP as an instrument of security, in order to face the challenges in security matters. This year we can congratulate ourselves for several specific actions we have carried out, and for the creation of CPLP regulation instruments”, he said in conclusion.

The Vice-President of the Republic, for his part, recalled the strengthening of the position of Equatorial Guinea within the CPLP, and thanked East Timor for its good work during its turn as president of the Ministers for Security within the organisation.

Despite the criticisms, we can see that the integration of Equatorial Guinea is strong and determined. Our country was discovered by the Portuguese, Fernando Po. The integration of Equatorial Guinea within the CPLP is a family reunion, and despite the difficulties we are here having met our obligations. The learning of the Portuguese language is a long process that we are addressing with determination. The death penalty is not now applied in Equatorial Guinea. We have a strong footing in matters of security, and multilateral cooperation is important”, said Nguema Obiang, who also commented on the participation of Equatorial Guinea in other community activities.

Our country will continue to take part in actions for the development of the community; we are asking for support for the access of young cadets from Equatorial Guinea to the higher military training centres within the CPLP, in order to develop our military institutions. Keeping the peace has been key to the development of Equatorial Guinea”, added the Vice-President, and to conclude his speech, he asked for the support of CPLP countries, so that Equatorial Guinea can obtain the position of non-permanent member of the UN Security Council: The CPLP is a body with an African heart, as five of its countries are on our continent”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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