Opening of I China-Africa Forum on Peace and Security

On Monday 15th July, in the city of Beijing, the opening ceremony of the I China-Africa Forum on Peace and Security took place.

The ceremony was attended by various officials from Defence departments of African countries, African military officers and those responsible for peace and security issues from the African Union, together with the heads of African diplomatic missions, including the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador before the Chinese Government, German Ekua Sima Abaga.

Following a welcome from the Chinese Minister for Defence, they dealt with matters such as the security situation in Africa, the main regional issues and China-Africa cooperation on Peace and Security.

The forum, which is taking place on 25th and 16th of this month, comes at a moment when the world is in constant development; development that cannot be fully carried out in Africa due to problems of peace and security they occur every day.

The main problems in peace and security matters are terrorism, the proliferation of arms, separatism, and drugs, among others. The Chinese Government believes it is necessary to redouble efforts in the search for peace for China and Africa, in order to achieve a safe common community of destiny.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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