Opening of Ministerial Conference on Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change Initiative

The city of Benguerir in the Kingdom of Morocco was the setting chosen for the celebration of the second annual ministerial conference of the African Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change Initiative, which began on 4th November with the participation of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, through the Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Forests and the Environment, Nicolas Houtondji Akapo.

Taking part in the second conference are African Agriculture Ministers, representatives of African governments, international financial institutions such as the World Bank, the FAO, the private sector and scientists. Its aim is to focus on improving the living conditions of farmers, food security and the promotion of employment in rural areas, promoting the practices of adaptation to climate change and directing financial flow towards the most vulnerable farmers.

An Equatoguinean delegation, led by Houtondji Akapo, the Ambassador to Morocco, Salomon Nfa Ndong, and the General Secretary for Agriculture, Francisco Medina Catalan, was present during the work. Experts from the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, the control group for ocean pollution, and international scientists, sat down to debate the problems of food security caused by climate change, and to discuss the mobilisation of financial resources.

They did this through the points proposed for the first day, which asked how to prioritise the financing of climatically intelligent agriculture, what strategies to adopt to mobilise climate finance, and how to unite technology and science for agricultural development in Africa. This congress could act as an advisory body in order to identify the necessary action programmes in order to adapt African agriculture to climate change.

Since January 2019, this initiative has been managed by a foundation, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, who in addition to supporting the initiative, also anticipated the provision of aid, advice and the development of capabilities of those responsible for taking decisions, local institutions, project developers and farmers in Africa.

The initiative was created during the celebration of COP22 Morocco 2016. According to the Marrakesh Declaration, the participants unanimously subscribed to a commitment to support the African Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change Initiative.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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