Opening of Plaza de Amistad in Malabo

The People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Chen Guoyou, accompanied by the mayoress of Malabo, Maria Coloma Edjang Mbengono, oversaw the opening ceremony for the Plaza de la Amistad. The ceremony was also attended by numerous guests, and resident of the Los A�ngeles neighbourhood.

The Chinese ambassador, in his speech, pointed out that in the 48 years that have passed since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Equatorial Guinea, the history of the relationship between the two countries relationship has been intense and unbroken, This plaza is a testament to the friendship between two peoples, which has become more and more solid with the passing of time. The mayoress and myself decided to give it the name of Plaza de la Amistad. With the successful conclusion of the Beijing Summit, the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, and the continuing strengthening of the Association of Integrated Cooperation between the two countries, our steps towards constructing a closer community with common aims and destiny are boosted. With the gradual implementation of the Eight Actions between China and Africa, more and more projects, both in the cities and in rural areas, will arise to promote the well-being of the Equatoguinean people, such as the Plaza de la Amistad, so that more local people can enjoy the tangible benefits of bilateral cooperation, and feel the deep friendship the Chinese people have towards the people of Equatorial Guinea”.

The Mayoress of Malabo, for her part, said that the Plaza de la Amistad once again reflected the excellent relations of unconditional true cooperation between Equatorial Guinea and China, Faced with the evidence, there is no doubt about the unquestionable friendship that exists between Equatorial Guinea and China, and the desire of the People’s Republic of China Embassy to contribute towards the urban growth and development of the city of Malabo”.

Maria Coloma Edjang Mbengono also expressed her recognition and thanks to H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for having promoted relations between the two friendly countries, and specifically to the Government of the People’s Republic of China, for its constant support and participation in the sustainable development of Equatorial Guinea in general, and the municipality of Malabo in particular.

The mayoress also thanked Chen Guoyou for his energy and efficiency in carrying out this project, and as representative of Malabo City Hall, granted him the honorary title of Favourite Son of the City of Malabo, for his contribution towards the development and modernisation of the city.

After receiving the title, the Chinese ambassador spoke again, to express his gratitude, and said that he felt as honoured as he was surprised for the attention received, as the title was not only a recognition of and an encouragement in his work, but also an image of the union of wills and the deep friendship between the two peoples. Furthermore, he affirmed that he was willing to take the continuing promotion of economic and social development, well-being and international cooperation as his own responsibility, in order to do everything possible to contribute towards the beauty of the city of Malabo, his “adopted mother”, and the happiness of his fellow citizens.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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