Opening of Rheno Sport academy

In the Buena Esperanza neighbourhood (Malabo), the private academy Rheno Sport was opened, under the auspices of the master Ruslan Hermes Oyana.

The academy, locates in social housing o-51, will provide a mixture of sporting disciplines (judo, taekwondo, karate, weightlifting), together with maintenance and fitness classes (aerobics and pre-post natal gym); and its doors are open to all those citizens who wish to do some sport or keep fit.

At the opening, Ruslan Hermes assisted the Director General for Sports, Josue Esono EdA�, who had the honour of cutting the ceremonial ribbon in the name of the Ministry for Youth and Sports. At the event there was a demonstration of all the sports from the school, in addition to entertainment.

The Director General for Sports pointed out the importance of these private sports schools, because they are a large part of the spine of sporting development which at present falls almost 100% on the Government, and the General Directorate for Sports intends to increase through a joint programme the involvement of those who share the values of sport and are prepared to collaborate in the efforts of the Government.

Furthermore, the Director General urged all parents with concern about the sports training of their children to join the school to be part of it and help with its upkeep.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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