Oral and Public Trials in the Provincial Court of Malabo

The full Judiciary, led by the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Juan Carlos Ondo Angue, has begun on September 20 the oral and public trials of cases that have been declared conclusions.

The courtroom of the Malabo Courthouse has been the scene of trials of the cases selected by the First and Second courtrooms of the Supreme Court of Justice.

The President of the Supreme Court, accompanied by the members of the Magistracy, has been in charge of directing such trials. During the sessions, the cases of Civil Appeal for Violation of Law No. 87 / 2.16, filed by Juan Eliseo Mbomio Nsue, on behalf of Julian Engonga Nchama, were appealed by Juan Bautista Nvo Mangue , on behalf of the company Besora Maritima.

Another of the cases that have been seen during Wednesday’s session has been the Recourse of Civil Cassation for Violation of Law Number 94/2016 recurrent lawyer Juan Eliseo Mbomio Nsue Nchama, in the name and representation of Rafael Ebang, appealed by lawyer Andres Marcos Ondo.

The Magistracy has also seen the Appeal of Nullity of Judicial Actions Number 106/2016, appellant by the lawyer Andres Marcos Ondo Eyenga in name and representation of the company Marathon EG Production Limited, appealed by the lawyer, Jose Fernando Siale in representation of Alfredo Buerrberi .

All cases before the Provincial Court of Malabo and others that will be dealt with throughout the week will be ready to issue their corresponding sentences.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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