Over 1.1 billion tourists traveled abroad in 2014

Over 1.1 billion tourists traveled abroad in 2014

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In a time of economic turmoil, global tourism is still faring well: over 1.1 billion tourists traveled abroad in 2014, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This is almost 5% more than in 2013, the organisation said in a press release.

Could tourism become an anti-crisis tool? In 2014, the number of international tourists reached 1,138 million, which is 51 million more than in 2013, says the UNWTO. As for 2015, the organization expects tourism to grow between 3% and 4%.
While Europe consolidates its position as the most visited region in the world (with 588 million tourists in 2014, which represents an increase of 4%), North-East Asia and South Asia achieved a growth of 7% during the same year.
As in recent years, tourism is expected to provide considerable revenue. In 2013, international tourism generated US$ 1,187 billion, US$ 230 billion more than in 2008, according to the UNWTO.
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