PARM sensitises private sector stakeholders on agriculture risk management

The Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM), in collaboration with the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), has organised a trainer’s workshop for stakeholders in the private sector. 

The participants included farmer organisations, exporters, processors, buyers, enterprise federations, women’s organisations, chambers of commerce, and microfinance institutions.

Representatives from PARM donors and their projects, as well as its partners, also participated in the three-day event, which aimed to build the capacity of participants in risk management through a holistic approach, risk assessment and prioritisation by value chain and evidence-based risk tools and strategies, and monitoring and evaluation.

The training programme also featured interactive exchanges and group work, which allowed PARM and its partners to share best practices for managing risks in key value chains and explore synergies in the agricultural sector.

Miss Francesca Nugnes, the Capacity Development Specialist at PAR
M, and a trainer underscored the relevance of the programme, adding that it would help the private sector to plan the allocation of their resources in the midst of crises.

‘Essentially, planning and managing agriculture risk gives the private sector the ability to plan and manage how they will allocate resources and derisk any investment done. The objective of the training is to have a better view of agriculture risk, be aware of the risk, and learn how to manage it. We have done this in collaboration with agencies from Italy, and we have engaged all the private sectors along the value chain on how they can address the risk in their sectors.

This training programme has a lot of impact due to the synergy it creates between the private sector in the agriculture value chain,’ she said.

She also noted that the training programme also allowed the private sector to create partnerships with other countries, especially Italy. 

Mrs. Georgina Koomson, the Chief Executive Officer for Provident Farms, said the traini
ng programme would help her company diversify its operations.

She said the training also afforded her the opportunity to leverage her experiences and share them with other colleagues from different organisations.

Source: Ghana News Agency