Passengers on flight from Paris to Benin in quarantine

A total of 84 passengers of various nationalities on the Air France flight from Paris which landed at night on 22nd March at the Cardinal Bernadin Gatin Airport in Cotonou have been placed in quarantine in Benin. Among them is the football player from Togo, Emmanuel Adebayor, who along with the 84 passengers was placed in quarantine at a hotel by the COVID-19 supervision committee, as a preventive system against the spread of the pandemic.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to affect footballers in various ways throughout the world. Emmanuel Adebayor is in quarantine in Benin, the country where he stopped with the intention of then travelling to his country of origin, Togo, to join his family and spend the quarantine with them.

“I am not from Benin, but I love Benin as a brother African country. I think that health is much more important than anything else we do, and so being in quarantine in Benin is not terrible for me; I feel like I am in my own country”, said the Club Olimpia forward, in an interview with the media.

Apart from two positive cases of coronavirus in the country, the Ministry for Health has confirmed three further cases. There are now around 5 positive cases.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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