PM Hailemariam Concerned over Reluctance of Citizens in Saudi Arabia to Return Home

Addis Ababa,Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has expressed concern that Ethiopian nationals residing illegally in Saudi Arabia are not returning home as expected.

Even if the 90 days deadline Saudi Arabia has given to all foreign nationals residing illegally in the country is drawing closer, very few Ethiopians have returned home as compared to the expected number.

The amnesty period for illegal foreign nationals to leave the kingdom without paying fines or facing legal measures started on March 29, 2017.

Noting that the deadline is drawing closer, the Prime Minister urged citizens residing illegally in Saudi Arabia to return home before the expiry of the period to avoid inconveniences.

The Premier expressed fear that a situation worse than the previous crackdown by the Saudi government in the efforts to send illegal residents back home could happen to those Ethiopians reluctant to heed to the call.

Hailemariam said situation that make the Saudi Government forcibly deport our citizens is being created. Therefore, it is better if our citizens come back home before various problems arise seizing the opportunity they are given even in the remaining short period.

The PM blamed illegal brokers for disseminating wrong information feed to distract the migrants from using the time left to return home safely.

Expressing sadness with the work of the brokers in negatively influencing the citizens not to return home safely, Hailemariam urged the need to fight illegal brokers who are destroying the lives of citizens.

Despite the efforts by the government and the public to control human trafficking, the activity has continued demanding the concerted efforts of the government, stakeholders and the public more important, he noted.

According to Hailemariam, Ethiopian nationals residing in Saudi Arabia and the government are working in collaboration with Ethiopian missions in Saudi Arabia and regional governments for the safe return of citizens.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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