PM Stresses Need for Collective Efforts to Build Prosperous Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Ethiopia requires collective efforts of its people, including the Diaspora, to see a prosperous country, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

Speaking to Ethiopian Diaspora that came from all over Europe to Frankfurt, Germany, to welcome the premier, Abiy said it is time for all Ethiopians to contribute their share for the wellbeing of Ethiopia beyond words.

According to him, Ethiopia is a great country which passed a long journey and cannot be dismantled at the whim of groups or individuals.

However, the Ethiopian people are demanding justice, human rights, democracy and economic development more than ever, he further noted.

Democracy cannot be ensured through the social media, PM Abiy said, adding that it requires work on the ground and maximum support.

Pushing forward the sweeping reform in the country, the government of Ethiopia is building and reforming institutions which would enable to ensure the sustainability of the reform, he stated.

According to him, the government is deepening the reform to modernize the justice, peace and security, election and military institutions.

He added that the nation is also appointing skilled experts and bureaucrats for those institutions.

The PM also urged the diaspora to contribute to the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund.

Deputy Mayor of Frankfurt, Uwe Becker said Ethiopia, by building an inclusive system under the leadership of Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed, can be an ideal example of the future of the whole continent of Africa.

He also appreciated the Ethiopian community in Frankfurt who will contribute more for the bright future of Ethiopia.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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