Political Party Deliberations During VI Table for National Dialogue

On Friday 20th July, after the last presentation conducted during the afternoon of Thursday 19th by the three speakers, Vicente Nsue Nsue, Cesar Augusto Mba and Buenaventura Monsuy, the suggestions, debates and proposals by political parties were left to present, and the morning session was dedicated to these.

The different parties that comprise this table debated social subjects and proposals, and detailed some positives and negatives.

Among the proposals and suggestions, the social situation, health service and women’s and young people’s education were highlighted.

After listening to the different deliberations, the moderator of the table and his members took a detailed note and asked the secretary for the proposals to be presented.

This first session of work concluded with the reading of a letter from the Ministry of Civil Aviation regarding the accident of an American aircraft.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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